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Texas Trees, Abundance Landscaping’s arborilogical division, strives to give you the highest level of customer care and treatment, no matter what kind of tree services you need — from the best tree removal Dallas has to offer, tree trimming to fertilization, disease control and stump grinding. Our goal is to create a unique environment that enhances your outdoor property. The professional tree surgeons of Texas Trees, Abundance Landscaping’s arborilogical division, are some of the most experienced and skilled tree climbers in Dallas/Fort Worth. They are experts in removing dead wood and creating a healthy growing environment to protect your landscape’s most valuable assets. Texas Trees’ professional tree trimming discourages pests from living in the canopy of trees and helps your trees develop properly, letting in valuable sunlight while providing shade and wind protection.Our tree surgeons are completely insured and bonded and have a minimum of 15 years as members of Abundance Landscaping’s team.

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Tree Trimming

Typically, we advise that you prune your trees every other year, and deep root fertilize twice annually to ensure strong, beautiful, healthy trees and a lush landscape.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming:

  • Roof clearance
  • Preventative storm thinning
  • Utility line clearance
  • Dead and broken limb removal
  • Visual clearance
  • Thinning to allow more filtered sunlight for turf
  • Storm damage correction
  • Sucker growth removal
  • Thinning for light and air penetration
  • Invasive species removal
  • Insect treatment
  • Disease treatment
  • Characteristic shape restoration
Crown Raising
  • Commonly practiced to clear sidewalks, roads and/or buildings from low-hanging, obtrusive branches.
  • We refer to this practice as “raising and balancing the canopy of the tree.”
Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall size of a tree’s canopy pruning. Crown reduction is done for a variety of reasons; one of the most important is to alleviate unnecessary weight (dead, diseased and crossing branches) from the canopy of the tree.

Crown Thinning
  • Removal of small branches throughout the interior of a tree. Thinning reduces “windsail” and weight that might otherwise contribute to a tree’s uprooting.
  • Another advantage of thinning is to allow more filtered sunlight to the yard.
Crown Clearing
  • Removal of all dead, diseased and broken branches from the tree’s canopy.

Tree Removal

  • An important part of tree care is recognizing when a tree’s health is declining. A dying tree may pose safety and/or structural damage if not caught early enough. In addition to trees that are dead or dying, trees that hinder new construction; have grown too close to homes, sidewalks or other structures; or have suffered damage due to storms or high wind may also need to be removed. Texas Trees’ award-winning tree surgeons provide small and large tree removal with every bit of care considered to your property and the safety of our tree care workers.
  • Because of the inherent risk involved in tree removal Dallas, only trained, experience, fully insured and bonded professionals should perform tree removal work. At Texas Trees, we understand your concerns and assure you will have the very best in customer service and safety. Our number one goal on every job is safety. Our expert tree climbers are trained in practicing safe climbing, safe drop zone areas, branch tie-offs and safe cabling practices. We are immensely careful with our professional practices, and we always place the highest priority on the safety and protection of your property as well.

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